Surface Tension

Water Striders j_arlecchino via Compfight

Surface Tension

None better, this golden day
on the bank of Canoe Creek.

Late afternoon slides
into long-shadowed dusk.

A mayfly, as we do,
swoops too close

to the surface, then squirms
to free itself.

And now I see

the water is carpeted in insects,
some wriggling, some not.

One of many, now
they float downstream.

– Steve Peterson

Published by

Steve Peterson

I teach fifth grade in Iowa.

2 thoughts on “Surface Tension”

  1. Note to self: fly well above the tensions.

    Thanks for taking us along on your canoe ride. Fabulous pic of pics to illustrate!

    1. It’s going to be hard to fly high enough during the next couple of weeks, isn’t it?

      Also, standing by the creek the other day, I was struck by how my thoughts changed when my perspective changed: Starting with a focused-on particular moment, I suddenly noticed the sum of many such moments on the surface of the water. Then, a rush of time and events. Do those thoughts ever enter other people’s minds, too, or am I just weird that way? (Maybe don’t answer that one…)

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