Storm Lessons

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Here is a poem I wrote earlier this summer after watching a storm come across the lake at the family cabin. Thunder echoes off the trees that surround the lake.

Storm Lessons

What can I learn
from a summer squall
that rushes across the lake,
whipping up whitecaps
and turning the soft, blue water
a sullen, spattered gray?
That darkness
arrives quickly sometimes?
That both calm and tumult
can occupy
the same surface?
That what moves in
also moves on? These are
important things to consider
on a late afternoon
while the dragonflies
wait out the rain
under the eaves.

– Steve Peterson

Published by

Steve Peterson

I teach fifth grade in Iowa.

2 thoughts on “Storm Lessons”

    1. 🙂 Id like to hang out with the dragonflies, too.

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting! Hope you are doing well and that the end of summer doesn’t bring too much of a storm to your life. My grandpa had a line he’d say often when things looked tough: “This, too, shall pass.”, which I found reassuring, and still do.

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